Saturday, December 29, 2007

Making It So...

I have been so busy creating, that I have neglected blogging. Once I can get some technical support from my children I will post some of my creations. I have moved to a new realm where I am in creative overdrive, just want to play with my art stuff all the time. Great for me but not so great for my house and family. With Winterbreak everyone is home, feeling a little bored. Not a great time to be busy creating. My newest loves:

Beeswax Collage: I just love layering the melted wax onto canvas with various images lost in the wax. Only to be revealed once the canvas is heated.

ATC Cards: You know this is right up my ally, tiny art production on baseball card size paper and canvas. Made my first set and sent them off to Australia for an international swap.

Altered paper and tags: Just can not stop once I start, then putting all the pages together on a ring to make a book.

Ok, my little one is standing by, time to go create breakfast for the children. I think I will alter some eggs and collage the potatoes with pepper and onion with a light coat of pepper, lol!