Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Wonderful new swap through the looking glass

To commemorate the new movie coming out, I am hosting an Alice in Wonderland atc card swap. I opened my new Somerset Studio magazine which arrived today and was so inspired! So many wonderful Alice, Wonderland and friends themed projects. How could I resist... so any takers out there? Leave me a post if you are interested, I already have 9 folks signed up. Due date April 1st. In addition, my friend Michelle is hosting an Alice in Wonderland charm swap. Just click on the white rabbit image on the sidebar to get more info. I have been in the last four charm swaps Michelle has hosted and have always been delighted. I have already signed up! With the first swap I was a bit intimidated, I had never made a charm before. However, Michelle had many resources listed on her blog . You can see charms from past swaps, books and tutorials to visit on-line.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Heart's Day!

This Valentine week-end was full of surprises. On Friday a dozen long stemmed roses arrived at my door. This morning pancakes that spelled I heart mom were made by my youngest daughter.My older daughter took me out for lunch and my youngest found the cutest little vintage scotty dog pin for me. She was so cute, she said she tried to clean it (she found it at the flea market yesterday) but was afraid to wash off all the vintage. A friend surprised me with a box of vintage French flashcards for my altered art and atcs. I also went to see "The Tooth Fairy" with my daughter and her friends while my other daughter went to see the new Percy Jackson movie. My Valentine has been ill all week but tomorrow we will celebrate by going to see "Avatar", he has been asking me to go for weeks, so tomorrow I will be at the IMAX in Dublin, CA. I hope you had a great week-end too! Check out the little "Hearts" mini-book I made, it is only 2"x2" and about 2 inches chunky too!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A collaborative winter mini-book...

Last month I took a great class at A Work of Heart, a great little artist studio in Willow Glen. The artist/owner Andrea has a wonderful space full of every tool, medium and embellishment you can imagine. For a small hourly fee you can use any and all products, tools, paints, glue, beads, ribbon or even pick through her wonderful boxes of vintage and handmade papers. In addition, she knows how to use everything and will gladly share her many talents, techniques and time. Best part, you don't even have to clean up!
Back to my story. So there were seven of us and we each designed two 4x4 pages with the theme of winter. Andrea then made seven copies on sturdy gloss photopaper. Then we each embellished the copied pages we designed with ribbons, glitter, beads, charms and I even found some vintage lace. She then assembeled them for us into a chunky book with the Bind-it-All. The finished project was more than I had hoped for. Each entry so different, yet with the winter theme tying them all together. Many blue and white pages with a few red ones mixed in for variety. Andrea said she was going for an Artchix type of project and the group did deliver.
Every time I walk pass this little book I smile and often have to pick it up to flip through the pages. Remembering the fun, rainey Sunday we were all laughing and working together. Warmed and amazed by the talent so joyfully shared inside this small treasure.