Monday, June 30, 2008

I Love to Swap

My friend Veronica commented on all the swaps I was in, so I decided to tally then up. Big mistake,I think I over did it this month with swaps! I think the grand total was about eleven different swaps. I was in a moo card swap, three deco books, three atc swaps, a tag swap,a matchbox shrine swap, a charm swap and last but not least,an inchie swap.! I love to create and i love getting packages in the mail, a vicious cycle, LOL!. Next month will be a slower month artwise. With all the kids home for summer I have less time to create but will be teaching a bit more. I have a class at Scrapbook U, A Fairy House book and I will be co-teaching an ATC class at My Daughter's Wish with my friend Lisa.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

ATCs and beyond!

First question was, what is an ATC, ok I got it, then came row houses, moo cards, inchies, deco books, gothic arches, arches, triangles ,Zentagles. The list seems to go on and on in the ATC arena. I always figured, the best way to learn something, is to just jump right in. So I sign up, I research and I create. I now know what all these things are and how to make them. I thought it might be an interesting idea for a class, we could make one of each and everyone would leave with a finished portfolio of the listed items plus templates to make more! What do you think?