Saturday, December 29, 2007

Making It So...

I have been so busy creating, that I have neglected blogging. Once I can get some technical support from my children I will post some of my creations. I have moved to a new realm where I am in creative overdrive, just want to play with my art stuff all the time. Great for me but not so great for my house and family. With Winterbreak everyone is home, feeling a little bored. Not a great time to be busy creating. My newest loves:

Beeswax Collage: I just love layering the melted wax onto canvas with various images lost in the wax. Only to be revealed once the canvas is heated.

ATC Cards: You know this is right up my ally, tiny art production on baseball card size paper and canvas. Made my first set and sent them off to Australia for an international swap.

Altered paper and tags: Just can not stop once I start, then putting all the pages together on a ring to make a book.

Ok, my little one is standing by, time to go create breakfast for the children. I think I will alter some eggs and collage the potatoes with pepper and onion with a light coat of pepper, lol!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Pretty Package

I hear the door bell and run down the stairs. The mailman greets me with a packages, it is small. That means it is probably not computer components for my husband, Hmm... perhaps, lovelies for me! I make quick of thanking my welcome messenger and scoop up my package and run to the table. What could it be, I wonder, as I am expecting several items. Is it a bevy of fantastic florals from Prima ebay, no too heavy. Is it fun scrapbooking embellies from one of my favorite on-line stores, no to big. Books from Amazon, no too light. I refuse to read the label because half the fun is guessing, and of course the element of surprise! Ok, ok I tear it open like a child on Christmas morning! Oh.... I see white every where, glitter, crystals, pearl beads, snow angels and creamy lace paper. It is a kit I ordered from mixed media artist Carol Wingert. Oh, such a divine assembly of beautiful goodies to send any artist to nirvana! I take out each piece and feel the texture, the softness and admire the beauty of the raw materials. I take a small bag of baubles, perhaps from France these little treasures prism the sunlight. Lace and tulle, with a color that can only develop over the years: antique I am sure.

I imagine a shopper, perhaps an artist walking through the streets of France. She stops at the bakery and selects a baggette with Brie and a cup of tea. She continues down the street until she arrives... The weekly flea market! Here she shops for herself and friends, looking over the lace promised to be fifty years old from a French maidens wedding dress, he says. Yards of tulle and yarn across the way. She carefully selects buttons, shiny ones and of course the small pearls catch her eye. Old postcards always delight and she silently celebrates as she comes upon a collection of old photographs. Parents, children and grandchildren of eras long past look out at her, she must have them all! She bargins until the price feels right.

She feels lucky. It has been a good day, she thinks, as she juggles her bags of treasure home. It starts to rain lightly, she feels a chill, no worries. She knows the best is ahead. Her afternoon spent sorting through the beautiful bounty in front of the fire ...
The doorbell rings again, it is my neighbor. I am back... at home. I wonder what tomorrow will bring...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Creative Hour

A daily practice is the core of all successful artists. Jerry Lebo

Last night, I read an article on creativity, artists and time. Jerry Lebo, the Sixty Minute Artist, stated that he had read there are three essential qualities that lead to a successful artist:

1. Curiosity


3.Good Work Habits

Of these three he believes good work habits are the most important. Now you might ask, Why are good work habits so important for an artist? Well,One key work habit is organizing/scheduling your day. If you don't plan your day with time to create scheduled in, then it may not happen. This idea hit me as being so relevant and profound to the way I live my life.
As a mother of three very busy children, I am always very aware of their schedules for art, dance, friends, sports and homework. I make sure they are on time and ready to participate. Then, I start to wonder, what about me? When is it my time to play and recreate? It is so easy to put my desired activities at the bottom of the list when something comes up in their lives. I realize, I have not given my time the value I have given their time . Yet, it is all related, here is the difference it can make. If I am able to carve a moment to create or play if you will, I am a happier person and a happier chauffeur, cook, laundress, confidant and friend. Therefore, a better mom! I feel satisfied and the endless drop offs and pick-ups go so much smoother. In addition, I also have a different identity for that short moment each day: scrapbooker, paper artist or creator! It is both liberating and therapeutic. So if I want to create every day, then I must schedule it in EVERYDAY!

So to the stamped mantra of my friend Michelle," Do something creative every day"
I will add, "by making it a priority in your schedule!"

Monday, October 15, 2007

A Creative Journey @ the Dollar Store

Now I am sure like me, you have been to the dollar store a million times, maybe not. Ok, ok maybe 30 times, but always with my children or because it was the quickest way to grab some laundry detergent. Now, have you ever been to the $1-$1.50 store with a group of artists? I had my first such experience yesterday and it was truly awe inspiring.
In the mind of an artist, nothing is what it seems. Every day items have the potential for many altered personalities. As I peered into their baskets and asked about the items inside, I was delighted by the many options they presented. These somewhat dreary household items would have the opportunity to be transformed, unlike their siblings left on the shelf. They would become beautiful items others would ooh and ah over. Perhaps a small cardboard box to throw paper clips into or a beautiful memory box. That once opened, presented a delightful cornicopia of beautiful charms and keepsakes from another time! The creative process is amazing!