Friday, May 30, 2008

Memories for Sale: $3.00

It never fails, weeks will go by and nothing much going on. Then, POW! stamp Convention, classes to teach, two flea markets and of course: quality time with the children!

I think my friend Lisa and I are hooked on the Alameda Flea Market monthly event. So much to see and buy, not to many bargins but unique items abound. We have so much fun pointing out things our parents use to have when we were growing up. Sometimes an item will invoke a memory long forgotten, something simple. For example, last time I spent $3 for a set of repelling magnet scottie dogs, less than an inch tall!

A toy my dad use to buy me at the bowling alley, I had several sets. It went like this, he was usually bowling in a tournament while my brother and I watched, for about 10 minutes, then boredom set in He would give us change to keep busy.As I recall, it was a cigarette machine that also sold small toys, Scottie dogs, curling fish, magic tricks and dice. All for about 25 cents. A candy bar and a toy, we were happy for another 30 minutes. Did I really have to have the Scottie dogs, no, but the fun memories they brought up were worth more than the 3 bucks...for sure.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

ATC Mania!

Ok, Ok I have to admit that I have gone a little crazy for ATC's. This week-end I attended two wonderful crop for a cure events and worked non-stop on ATC cards. I think I made a total of 40 something cards. For swaps, one on one trades, a challenge and just for fun. I have a new file of images that almost automatically turn into ATC cards all by themselves! Too fun. Check back tomorrow for some pictures of what I have been creating. I have to finish off the mailers of my current swap, "The Color Purple" ASAP! Because my next swap, "Things with Wings" starts tomorrow.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Scrap for a Cure

Today I spent the day with my friends at a crop for the HERS Breast Cancer foundation. Hers is a local group which supports all women and their families recovering from this dreaded disease. A friend ,I met through scrapbooking, has put on several events for this worthy cause. In addition to cropping, we enjoyed contests,lunch and a very informative discussion regarding statistics and current research.
I took full advantage of this opportunity to work on ATC cards for several of the current swaps I am participating in as well as hosting. The list includes: The color purple, Vintage Babes at the beach, Vintage Sea Shells, Owls, A funny one named Robots, and an arched atc called Villages. I will try to post a few examples this week. Stay tuned for details of my next swap: Things with Wings!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cigar Assemblage Class 5/31 1-4pm

Learn the basics of putting together a cigar box assemblage. The cigar box and papers will be provided as well as supplies to build a shelf. Several small items will be included with the class fee to incorporate into your assemblage. Please bring special memory items, photos,postcards and vintage ephemera for your personal use. In addition, a box of vintage items individually priced will be on hand for purchase ( Fifty cents to $3. for most depending on item) . Please bring a jar of Modge Podge, Distress Inks, basic kit, hot glue gun (if you have one) wet and dry adhesives and glue dots.
Items you may want to bring:
Old photos
old keys
broken old toy/doll parts
small bottles
vintage buttons
vintage papers/receipts
game pieces
scrabble tiles
old book pages
costume jewelry
used stamps, old letters
metal thimbles, tags, pins, badges