Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

I have my list of resolutions started:
1. Organize my art room
2. Submit for publication once every two months.
3. Walk everyday
4. Read more!
5. Schedule more ME time
6. Blog every week
7. Lose 40 lbs
8. Attend Silver Bella 2009

I also joined my friend Lisa's 52 weeks of art, check it out on her blog listed on the side bar!
I wish you all a safe and Happy New Year!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Holidays!

We had a wonderful Christmas filled with family, friends and fun. Also filled with so much great food, especially those desserts! I spent too many days at the mall trying to find the perfect shoes for my 13 year olds Christmas dress. All the shoes seemed to have 4 inch heels! If you find yourself in this position, take it from me: Nordstroms first then Macy's!
This holiday season I really overcommited to swaps and holiday projects. I signed up for 13 swaps, mostly atcs , a few inchie swaps and two holiday deco page swaps. I just could not say no, but the wonderful packages and envelopes the mailman brought made it all worth the extra effort and stress! I gave him a little extra Christmas bonus as he was always kind enough to ring the bell and deliver my large packages instead of folding them to fit in the mailbox, great guy! Who says Santa always has to be in a red suit! OK, I am starting to think about my New Years Resolution. I will fill you in later, how about you? What is your New Years resolution?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What I've been up to

I have been so busy with Halloween,Thanksgiving and Christmas classes swaps and projects. Above is a 2 inch by 2 inch mini-mini book/ornament class I will be teaching at Scrapbook U as part of their children's program. Next to it is a collection of inchies I made for an inchie club I belong to for Christmas. I love the vintage images off a sheet I ordered from Ten-Two Studios. I am also hosting two swaps this month: The 12 Days of Christmas and A Collection of Christmas Row Houses!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Inchies Rule!

This past week-end I participated in the Spooktacular Halloween event at My Daughter's Wish, a local scrapbook and paper arts studio. As a member of their design team I had a booth where I introduced folks to inchies by way of an ATC! We made six inchies and then attached them to an inked 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 card. In addition, participants moved from table to table making different Halloween decor and art.
I also have a picture of an inchie quilt made by one of my on-line art friends. We each made 9 inchies and then sent them to her to swap . She then arranged them on a paper covered foam board to resemble a quilt. Isn't she clever!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

So Many Things to Share!

I was so lucky last week to attend a workshop up in Portland. Oregon with Sally Jean: Soldering Queen. I made so many lovelies and finally mastered soldering jump rings! We shopped, we dined, we had the most amazing cupcakes at Cupcake Jones and ended the trip with the Soldering for Virgins Workshop. I will share more later but first a glimpse into the wonderful workshop of Sally Jean!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Haunted House News!

Here is a picture of the tall haunted house book I just finished. I used creative Imaginations paper with Melissa Francis arrow book. It has lots of fun embellies inside along with creepy and fun imagery. I will be teaching this class as well as offering a kit, let me know if you are interested.
My Haunted House ATC swap is underway with ten sign-ups. Let me know if you want to join in the spooky fun. And I just finished my set of Halloween inchies. I used a spider web stamp, a black confetti spider and some doodles, way cool. If you would like one just leave me a comment with the word inches in it and email your snail mail addy to me

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A new ATC Swap coming up!

I will be hosting a fun Haunted House swap to set the mood for Halloween! An ATC will be trimmed into the shape of a house and then decorated with fun Halloween spirits and such. Each participant will make a set of six houses and mail to me by October 3rd! It promises to be spooky good fun! Email me at valerieLmyers@yahoo if you want to join in!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

An Amazing Day: September 3, 1910

Today is an amazing day in my family's history! My maternal grandmother turned 98! This truly amazing and inspiring woman has been through so many pivotal events in history. I always wonder to what she owes her longevity , is it diet, exercise or genes? I know that we always walked or took the bus as she never wanted to drive. She walked to and from work and then to pick me up from school. In her free time she grew beautiful flowers and in later years added fruits and vegetables. She ate and grew organic food before they were in vogue.

She still lives in her home, cooks her meals and gardens when she can. She reads four novels a week and enjoys her monthly gardening club. Several years ago while at a doctors visit at UCLA, her doctor brought in a group of doctors, actually interns. He introduced her to them and asked if she could spend some time with these young doctors. He said it is rare to meet a person of her age with such vigor and intact intellect and so these budding doctors asked her questions, listened to her recollections and enjoyed her wisdom and sharp wit!

It is from her that I believe much of my creativity stemmed, as she quilted, did needlepoint and sewed beautiful clothing throughout my life. She always encouraged my artistic nature. She bought me my first drawing pencils and sketch pads. She sat me in the garden to draw what I saw: plants, flowers and animals. She was always there, for the triumphs and the tears. Today is your day Grandma, Happy Birthday, I love you!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Love Hambly!

I heard Hambly was having an open house and tour at their facility in San Jose today and tomorrow. I called my friend Lisa and we were off to see the birthplace of some of our favorite silk screen designs. Allison, one of the lead designers, gave us a lovely tour of the facility. We were able to watch the master silk screeners create our beloved transparencies with the most beautiful and brilliant colors. Wow! At the end of the tour we met Mr. Hambly himself, what a nice person. I love meeting the people who design and manufacture the products I love, that they are nice people too, is just icing on the cake! If you have the time, it is truly worth the trip! If not, check out their brand new designs at your local scrapbooking/art store.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Vacation on the California Coast

We packed up the family and headed to Santa Cruz, California. It is less than an hours drive from our house but is worlds away in terms of peace and serenity. We spent time at the beach, around the pool, at the Boardwalk, the wharf and a wee bit of time at the local craft stores! So relaxing to not have to cook or clean, just needed to keep thoses swim suits sand-free.
I spent some time making inchies from a bag of scraps I took with me. It was challenging in that I brought so little product. I found some corregated cardboard and made several inchies and came up with a great idea for a cupcake ATC swap I am doing. I know, sounds a little corny but I wanted the challenge of doing something a little edgy with a cupcake for inspiration.
My transparency and house atcs are arriving daily and they are awesome. I will be posting my next swap, haunted houses, soon so KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR IT ( no creepy Halloween pun intended)! If you are curious about my swaps or would like sign up info email me at :!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Whirlwind Art Week-end

Another fun and art filled week-end! Friday tarted with an altered/distressed assemblage class at My Daughter's Wish with Tim Holtz. We made three amazing pendants with collage, glass and Tim Holtz metals and found objects. That evening, I joined my friend Florence for her birthday crop at a local scrapbooking store, Scrapbook U. Early Saturday, another great class with Tim Holtz. Did you know that you can paint on acrylic and transparencies with alcohol ink and a water brush filled with blending solution (Ranger). It is much like painting with water colors except you get the brilliance of the alcohol inks and you can paint on virtually any surface. I have always enjoyed using alcohol inks but it was kind of a hit or miss on where the color went. With this techniques you get precise control of the color. On Sunday, another great day of fun and unique finds at the Alameda Antique Flea market with my friends Lisa and Daniela!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!


On Thursday we went to the Jonas brothers concert at the Concord sleep train pavilion ,it was soo cool there were great pyrotechnics and the 3 brothers all gave a great show there were lots of flips,jumps, spins and Kevin's SOS dance !the stage really added to the show with rising platforms and an extra long catwalk.When Kevin asked for his bird house he got 4 of them and they played all their new song from their soon to be released album and a few song that are so new they didn't get on the new album.Nick even played "A little Bit Longer " a song about his diabetes .
Joe did his love bug dance which looks like tap dancing but was still cool. And as always the Jonas brothers were all ridiculously cute!! then after the show my mom was the best and bought Nina and I Jonas Brothers Concert tees

Any-who lol,

Altered Shrine Class

I will be teaching this Altered Shrine class at Scrapbook U in Fremont, Ca on Saturday, August 23 1-4:30pm.
We will collage with surreal or vintage images and then build a shrine shelf for those special items that hold meaning for you. If you are free, please join us.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Memories of Beloved Recipies

My 97 year old grandmother, who is the most amazing cook ever and always cooked from memory has lost/misplaced her handwritten recipes. I am the only one who has the entire collection of these wonderful recipes. I had to sit by her side years ago to watch and measure her handful of this and pinch of that to get the true recipes, as she made these dishes.

So now I am returning the favor and mailing them to her. At first, I just put them in an envelope but then decided to make it into a folder deserving to hold such masterpieces. It came out lovely and I only wish I could see her face when she opens it and perhaps sit by her side as she cooks one of these delicious delights.

Her most amazing dish you ask? In my opinion: the hand tossed salad she made from her home grown vegetables with the vinaigrette she made in the bowl. A hand tossed dressing I could never duplicate. My brother's favorite, her turkey stuffing, my other brother loves her enchilada's and my husband and my sister, her red Chile pork. My children love her meatballs with spaghetti and my mom, her beef soup. Valerie

Monday, June 30, 2008

I Love to Swap

My friend Veronica commented on all the swaps I was in, so I decided to tally then up. Big mistake,I think I over did it this month with swaps! I think the grand total was about eleven different swaps. I was in a moo card swap, three deco books, three atc swaps, a tag swap,a matchbox shrine swap, a charm swap and last but not least,an inchie swap.! I love to create and i love getting packages in the mail, a vicious cycle, LOL!. Next month will be a slower month artwise. With all the kids home for summer I have less time to create but will be teaching a bit more. I have a class at Scrapbook U, A Fairy House book and I will be co-teaching an ATC class at My Daughter's Wish with my friend Lisa.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

ATCs and beyond!

First question was, what is an ATC, ok I got it, then came row houses, moo cards, inchies, deco books, gothic arches, arches, triangles ,Zentagles. The list seems to go on and on in the ATC arena. I always figured, the best way to learn something, is to just jump right in. So I sign up, I research and I create. I now know what all these things are and how to make them. I thought it might be an interesting idea for a class, we could make one of each and everyone would leave with a finished portfolio of the listed items plus templates to make more! What do you think?

Friday, May 30, 2008

Memories for Sale: $3.00

It never fails, weeks will go by and nothing much going on. Then, POW! stamp Convention, classes to teach, two flea markets and of course: quality time with the children!

I think my friend Lisa and I are hooked on the Alameda Flea Market monthly event. So much to see and buy, not to many bargins but unique items abound. We have so much fun pointing out things our parents use to have when we were growing up. Sometimes an item will invoke a memory long forgotten, something simple. For example, last time I spent $3 for a set of repelling magnet scottie dogs, less than an inch tall!

A toy my dad use to buy me at the bowling alley, I had several sets. It went like this, he was usually bowling in a tournament while my brother and I watched, for about 10 minutes, then boredom set in He would give us change to keep busy.As I recall, it was a cigarette machine that also sold small toys, Scottie dogs, curling fish, magic tricks and dice. All for about 25 cents. A candy bar and a toy, we were happy for another 30 minutes. Did I really have to have the Scottie dogs, no, but the fun memories they brought up were worth more than the 3 bucks...for sure.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

ATC Mania!

Ok, Ok I have to admit that I have gone a little crazy for ATC's. This week-end I attended two wonderful crop for a cure events and worked non-stop on ATC cards. I think I made a total of 40 something cards. For swaps, one on one trades, a challenge and just for fun. I have a new file of images that almost automatically turn into ATC cards all by themselves! Too fun. Check back tomorrow for some pictures of what I have been creating. I have to finish off the mailers of my current swap, "The Color Purple" ASAP! Because my next swap, "Things with Wings" starts tomorrow.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Scrap for a Cure

Today I spent the day with my friends at a crop for the HERS Breast Cancer foundation. Hers is a local group which supports all women and their families recovering from this dreaded disease. A friend ,I met through scrapbooking, has put on several events for this worthy cause. In addition to cropping, we enjoyed contests,lunch and a very informative discussion regarding statistics and current research.
I took full advantage of this opportunity to work on ATC cards for several of the current swaps I am participating in as well as hosting. The list includes: The color purple, Vintage Babes at the beach, Vintage Sea Shells, Owls, A funny one named Robots, and an arched atc called Villages. I will try to post a few examples this week. Stay tuned for details of my next swap: Things with Wings!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cigar Assemblage Class 5/31 1-4pm

Learn the basics of putting together a cigar box assemblage. The cigar box and papers will be provided as well as supplies to build a shelf. Several small items will be included with the class fee to incorporate into your assemblage. Please bring special memory items, photos,postcards and vintage ephemera for your personal use. In addition, a box of vintage items individually priced will be on hand for purchase ( Fifty cents to $3. for most depending on item) . Please bring a jar of Modge Podge, Distress Inks, basic kit, hot glue gun (if you have one) wet and dry adhesives and glue dots.
Items you may want to bring:
Old photos
old keys
broken old toy/doll parts
small bottles
vintage buttons
vintage papers/receipts
game pieces
scrabble tiles
old book pages
costume jewelry
used stamps, old letters
metal thimbles, tags, pins, badges

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Today was a very productive ART day. My friend Lisa and I spent the day creating projects for upcoming classes we are teaching. It is so wonderful to have another artist to critique and give suggestions when you are struggling with a creative element on a project! The best part was we did it all with children running around, eating, playing games and sometimes crying. I finished two circle journal layouts and cut about 100 ATC cards from watercolor paper. I made a collage with just one sheet of paper, a piece of thread and sandy brown glimmer mist! I love how simple yet elegant it turned out.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

ATC Mermaid Cards!

They have been arriving daily from all over the world. So many different images, textures, color and techniques, all are lovely. Each mailer I open amazes me with the bounty inside. Mermaids, ocean waves, under the sea snippets and even an adorable mermouse holding a glttering ring. This has come about from an ATC swap I sponsored with ATC World, Fiskateers and my LSS group.

With all groups combined there are close to 25 different mermaid images and close to 200 cards that will be sorted and mailed out in the next week. After I made my first ATC card at an artists fair at a LSS, My Daughter Wish, I was hooked. Every image, every creation lent itself to becoming a ATC. I quickly signed up for my first swap in November 2007, a Christmas ATC card swap. I quickly made my cards and sent them off to Australia. Unfortunately, for a variety of reason, the hostess help up the swap for four months. Eventually, I got my cards and decided to try one more time.

I posted my swap and about two weeks later a bevy of beauties began to arrive at my doorstep. I have enjoyed opening each and every package. Marveling at the creativity of my fellow artists and the many techniques used. The work has far exceeded my expectations and I look forward to sharing them with you on-line in the very near future!