Monday, April 30, 2012

Just putting my toe in!
I am feeling inspired to start blogging again. Although, my life is quite hectic right now, I am thinking and creating alot. Stay Tuned...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blog posts without photos are boring...

... but they will do in a pinch.
Yesterday, I actually waited in line for one and a half hours to shop at a Art/scrapbook flea market. I made several fun new friends while waiting in line and had lot's of laughs. I scored in the mini-mini book department and found some great tools for working with metal. The best finds were all kinds of paints (Crafty Chica $1), inks, dyes, watercolors and pencils. I also found a few unusual stamps. It was fun and worth the wait!

I also joined the Sweet and Sinister Halloween swap and blog sponsored by Artsymama aka Kari Ramstrom. She has put together another great blog promising fun Halloween projects, photos ,spooky inspiration and a sinister swap. I did this swap last year and it was fun to put together a Halloween bag and fill it with treats for a fellow swap participant.

I just ordered the Matthew Mead holiday magazine online. Part magazine, part book with 144 pages filled with holiday inspiration, projects and photos. They will be featuring a home selected from a reader/blog home photo contest they had this summer. Participants mailed in photos of their homes to be considered for a holiday make-over and photo shoot. The winner is a lovely 100 year old New England style farmhouse in R.I. with high ceilings and period architecture. If you are interested you can find info at

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mermaids Headed Home

I have sent the final packages out to all participants in this years Mermaid ATC Swap. I was so happy to meet many new swap participants as well as alumni of past years. As usual the collection is amazing with all artists putting in 100%. I will try to post some of the cards in the next couple of days.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Silver Bella 2010

I know it is still a few months away but I am already feeling the excitement of this upcoming event. Everyday my e-mailbox has messages from other "Bellas" as they like to call themselves. Some are regarding swaps, other asking to be e-mail buddies and some offering tips for first time attendees. I am especially looking forward to the "Bella Market" which is one of the highlights of the event. Artisians gather to sell, buy and trade their collected bits, handmade items and crafting supplies.

In addition to a wonderful line-up of classes with noted artists/teachers there are several student sponsored swaps. I joined several: paper dolls, millinery flowers, holiday ornaments and a vintage trim swap. I thought about hosting an ATC swap to mark the occasion but decided to wait until next year.

I will keep you posted!

Monday, June 21, 2010

More Creative Space Pictures :)

I thought I would share a few more photos of my work space. I like to use small glasses of all sizes to hold tiny baubles and gems. The tiniest of these glasses is just an inch tall. I keep them next to this wonderful inspiration box given to me by my BFF, Lisa Super.

I keep these fun pieces on my "Art Buffet", all the drawers are filled with stamps, beads, ephemera and vintage costume jewelry. The larger cupboards on each side house my china and vintage silver pieces, which I also collect. I love to find old pieces at the Flea Market and polish them back to their original splendor. I especially love the pieces with flowers carved into the handles. Thanks for visiting.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Where Bloggers Create Deux (II)

Where I Create!

I usually work in our breakfast room. I can work at our dining table and still be accessible to my children. They often create along with me afterschool and on week-ends or they just pull up a chair to visit.

I keep most of my items in our buffet and two small rolling carts which I can push back in the corner when not in use. My collection of bits and sweetness are stored in a built in glass cupboard. I also put small vignettes in my Pottery Barn mail sorter. I can enjoy looking into the little cubes or find the perfect piece for a project I may be working on.

What I especially love about this space is all the windows.I was lucky enough to design this room myself when we rebuilt our house. Along with the three walls of windows, the warm yellow paint and the sun, this cheery room always inspires me. Thanks for visiting!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Time in the Garden: A grieving tree hugger at heart

Last week, in my absence, my gardener's new crew took the bottom 6 feet off my beloved 40year+ Blue Atlas Cedar.He knows to never cut or prune any of my evergreens but his new guy did not. He cut a conical evergreen into an umbrella shape. I was devastated, I sent them all packing for the last time . I love that tree, it is the anchor of my backyard. She and I together survived babies, toddlers climbing branches, toy saws and teen parties. Her huge branches shaded us while the children played in their blow up pools and on their swings. I was so sad I just could not get over it. Finally, a poem from my littlest one helped me heal.

There is a tree
It's a wonderful sight
The most marvelous green
at the most perfect height
It's appearance has changed
but not too extreme
We will fix it
and make it what it used to be
maybe even better,
we'll see...
-Nina Myers

So this week with a trip to the nursery, Navlet's, we did indeed transform my tree's loss limbs. We filled in beneath the tree with plants of all kinds, creating a forest floor bursting with all shades of green. The plantings helped to close the distance between the ground and the lost limbs. Now, once again when I walk out into my yard, I can smile!