Monday, June 21, 2010

More Creative Space Pictures :)

I thought I would share a few more photos of my work space. I like to use small glasses of all sizes to hold tiny baubles and gems. The tiniest of these glasses is just an inch tall. I keep them next to this wonderful inspiration box given to me by my BFF, Lisa Super.

I keep these fun pieces on my "Art Buffet", all the drawers are filled with stamps, beads, ephemera and vintage costume jewelry. The larger cupboards on each side house my china and vintage silver pieces, which I also collect. I love to find old pieces at the Flea Market and polish them back to their original splendor. I especially love the pieces with flowers carved into the handles. Thanks for visiting.


Lisa Super said...

I love everything set up on the buffet that way. Gee, someday you might even have me over... :)

June said...

Hi Valerie,
Thank you for your visit today.
I live on an acre lot. It is just a bit over an acre. Only about a third is in garden. The rest is horse stables, a little tiny pasture, and a huge lawn, which I wish was garden beds. My husband wants to leave it open in case we need the space for more corrals and space to park his trailers.
I wonder if it doesn't get cold enough in your area in the Winter for the poppies to overwinter. They seem to like cooler temps in Winter and in the spring.
Thank you so much for your sweet message about my garden.