Monday, October 15, 2007

A Creative Journey @ the Dollar Store

Now I am sure like me, you have been to the dollar store a million times, maybe not. Ok, ok maybe 30 times, but always with my children or because it was the quickest way to grab some laundry detergent. Now, have you ever been to the $1-$1.50 store with a group of artists? I had my first such experience yesterday and it was truly awe inspiring.
In the mind of an artist, nothing is what it seems. Every day items have the potential for many altered personalities. As I peered into their baskets and asked about the items inside, I was delighted by the many options they presented. These somewhat dreary household items would have the opportunity to be transformed, unlike their siblings left on the shelf. They would become beautiful items others would ooh and ah over. Perhaps a small cardboard box to throw paper clips into or a beautiful memory box. That once opened, presented a delightful cornicopia of beautiful charms and keepsakes from another time! The creative process is amazing!

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Christine Delgadillo said...

Wow...this is a red letter day for me, for sure! As I'm "one" of the "group of artists" from the dollar store! I feel privileged to have wondered the $1.50 store with you...but I am still wondering how Kathie will alter the dwarf protection item...