Monday, March 2, 2009

Fun Finds at My Friends and I

When the flea market is rained out it is always a good day to visit My Friends and , a small antique shop in the Niles area of Fremont! They always have fun found objects and flea market type finds. Last time I was out Junque shopping I found these fun items. A cute doll leg became a vase for some lovely Millinery Flowers. The aqua tool box is a antique find that I toted back from my fall visit to Portland for a class with Sally Jean. The other photo is of some fun vintage Easter postcard finds from the Paper show in San Francisco. I plan to use some of the images on the Easter egg atcs for my swap.


Casey said...

Oh, I love Niles! You can always find little treasures there!

Lisa Super said...

Cute leg of flowers. Expect the unexpected!

Jessica Rodarte said...

Adorable Easter cards. :) I'm glad you came by my blog, so I could come visit you. :D I love the matchbox on the bottom of your blog.