Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Grads, Dads and Charms!

Well, the day finally arrived with my son graduating high school and as expected I was in tears several times during the ceremony. It was a lovely graduation and a true milestone in our family. Much of my family made the trip from various Southern California cities to watch the first child, grand-child and great grandchild accept his diploma!
The next day my middle child graduated from 8th grade. She sang the star spangled banner and received honor roll, mathematical excellence and voted most likely to succeed by her class. Another memorable evening indeed!
For Father's Day the girl's served their dad breakfast in bed and looked the other way while he played 'World of War Craft' for much of the day. I compared it to my taking back to back art classes which is one way I have celebrated special days ( birthdays, Mother's Day) in the past.
I sent in my "Things with Wings" charms to my friend Michelle in Southern California. This is her fourth such swap. I always enjoy designing the charms and it is always fun to see how each person interprets the theme. I made a fairy charm with shrink art that I attached to a shell charm and also an owl on a button with a glittery foam base.

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Lisa Super said...

Are those kids gorgeous or what?! Congrats on your grads!