Saturday, August 23, 2008

Vacation on the California Coast

We packed up the family and headed to Santa Cruz, California. It is less than an hours drive from our house but is worlds away in terms of peace and serenity. We spent time at the beach, around the pool, at the Boardwalk, the wharf and a wee bit of time at the local craft stores! So relaxing to not have to cook or clean, just needed to keep thoses swim suits sand-free.
I spent some time making inchies from a bag of scraps I took with me. It was challenging in that I brought so little product. I found some corregated cardboard and made several inchies and came up with a great idea for a cupcake ATC swap I am doing. I know, sounds a little corny but I wanted the challenge of doing something a little edgy with a cupcake for inspiration.
My transparency and house atcs are arriving daily and they are awesome. I will be posting my next swap, haunted houses, soon so KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR IT ( no creepy Halloween pun intended)! If you are curious about my swaps or would like sign up info email me at :!

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