Wednesday, September 3, 2008

An Amazing Day: September 3, 1910

Today is an amazing day in my family's history! My maternal grandmother turned 98! This truly amazing and inspiring woman has been through so many pivotal events in history. I always wonder to what she owes her longevity , is it diet, exercise or genes? I know that we always walked or took the bus as she never wanted to drive. She walked to and from work and then to pick me up from school. In her free time she grew beautiful flowers and in later years added fruits and vegetables. She ate and grew organic food before they were in vogue.

She still lives in her home, cooks her meals and gardens when she can. She reads four novels a week and enjoys her monthly gardening club. Several years ago while at a doctors visit at UCLA, her doctor brought in a group of doctors, actually interns. He introduced her to them and asked if she could spend some time with these young doctors. He said it is rare to meet a person of her age with such vigor and intact intellect and so these budding doctors asked her questions, listened to her recollections and enjoyed her wisdom and sharp wit!

It is from her that I believe much of my creativity stemmed, as she quilted, did needlepoint and sewed beautiful clothing throughout my life. She always encouraged my artistic nature. She bought me my first drawing pencils and sketch pads. She sat me in the garden to draw what I saw: plants, flowers and animals. She was always there, for the triumphs and the tears. Today is your day Grandma, Happy Birthday, I love you!


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