Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Wonderful new swap through the looking glass

To commemorate the new movie coming out, I am hosting an Alice in Wonderland atc card swap. I opened my new Somerset Studio magazine which arrived today and was so inspired! So many wonderful Alice, Wonderland and friends themed projects. How could I resist... so any takers out there? Leave me a post if you are interested, I already have 9 folks signed up. Due date April 1st. In addition, my friend Michelle is hosting an Alice in Wonderland charm swap. Just click on the white rabbit image on the sidebar to get more info. I have been in the last four charm swaps Michelle has hosted and have always been delighted. I have already signed up! With the first swap I was a bit intimidated, I had never made a charm before. However, Michelle had many resources listed on her blog . You can see charms from past swaps, books and tutorials to visit on-line.

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