Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Blog Makeover and A farmer's Market Find

Well, after visiting Karen Valentine's Where Artists Create blog party I decided it was time for a makeover of my studio and of my blog. The studio will have to wait but with the help of my daughter Kaitlyn, my friend Lisa, and her husband, today was the day. I love the cleaner color palette and three column format!

In addition, I changed the name of my blog, well sort of...I translated Creative Chaos to French. I know it all sounds very continental but fact is there is another artist with the same name for her blog. ..So what do you think?

This week at the Farmers Market where I shop on Sunday I found this wonderful basket. It is amazingly light and holds everything, The leather handle makes carrying even the heaviest load comfortable. I bought it from a man who told me he imported them from Madagascar, how cool is that. It is round but he demonstrated that by soaking it with water it could be reshaped into any shape. He made all types of shapes from the basket, even a heart. I was sold and had to have one! As I was carrying it to my car filled with my edible bounty, I visualized filling it with vintage treasure at my next visit to the Alameda Flea Market September 6th. I can't wait!


Lisa Super said...

I love the new blog, it's so clean and easy on the eyes!

:) Lisa

Lisa Super said...

Hey Valerie,

When you look at your blog does the song lyrics, " made me so, verrrry happy, I'm so glad you...came into myyyy life...." run through your head?


Kathieao said...

I love the new look, its so fresh.....