Friday, August 28, 2009

A Bunny Book Goes Full Circle!

Last year I was invited to join a collaborative book project on Beatrix Potter. The theme was her art and of course, Peter Rabbit. Everyone knows my fondness for bunnies so this was a definite yes.We could use a purchased book or bind our own. We had several months to put our books together, design the cover and our first page with an atc. There had to be a pocket to hold a removable atc and a second page, layout style. Originally there were 10 of us in the round robin and we had one month to complete each entry then pass it to the next person on the list. I really enjoyed seeing all the different books and how each artist customized their design for each entry. I especially loved the atc component, some were held in with little picket fences, vines, library pockets, ribbon and even flowers! The project took over a year and we had two artists drop out, one became terribly ill and a mother/daughter team that kept the books for too long. At one point one artist had five of the ten books! Well, we were able to get it back on track and the finished projects were a true delight.


Lisa Super said...

Gorgeous book. It might have take awhile to come back to you completed but it looks like everyone did a beatuiful job.

Hope you can make it Sunday.

Beth said...

Wow, definitely worth the wait!!!! Thanks for sharing! Beth

Kari said...

You won the giveaway on A Year of Color blog. Please email me your address at
Thanks and congrats!

Apple said...

That looks like a fun book!!