Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Fun Family Vacation times two!

We spent a wonderful week in San Diego and had the most perfect weather! My husband had a conference so we all hitched a ride with him to Southern California. We walked all over town and had a suite overlooking the bay. All day long ships of all sorts cruised passed our window, battleships, freighters, cruise ships and even a paddle boat in the evening.
The day we arrived home we had family visiting from Southern California and where did they want to go: San Francisco, of course. So we packed everyone up and went to the city, tourist style. I had not done so in many, many years so we worked down my sister-in-laws list: Drive down Lombard St, check, ride a trolley, check, harbor cruise, check, Pier 39, check, Chocolate sundae at Giradelli, double check...and the list went on. It was a blast and for the kids a real treat to do everything all in one day! Did you know that Angel Island was the Ellis Island of the Pacific for immigrants of long ago. Or that the Golden Gate Bridge is called such not because of it's color but because it was thought to be the golden gates to paradise by early visitors arriving by sea.

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